Format for Book Requests

I’m Basant. From Pipli, Puri. I’m here to connect with my young friends from Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

This is the format for book requests for them. 

If you want me to help you with a few good quality books, please send me a mail at Please write three long paragraphs about yourself, your family and educational background and your future plans. And write a paragraph on why you want me to help you.

Your mail should contain these details – your complete name, parents’ names, complete address with landmark and pin code, mobile number, detailed booklist and the name of the examination you intend to take.

Type your complete name and the name of your district on the subject header of your mail (For example, Emily Dickinson – Doda.).

I usually take a fortnight to deliver the books. And if I don’t, you can re-send the original mail again. Original, not new. No DM. No WhatsApp text or call. No SMS. (Blocking numbers on my phone is a hobby of mine.)

Please remember I send the books only after speaking with the student. The student, not any other person.

I’ll honour your request only if you write a proper mail. No emojis. No juvenile typing. No playing text-text on email. No sending a new mail every fortnight. I gauge your sincerity from your writing.

And I assume that you find me trustworthy.


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