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Help me help you.

I’m Basant. From Pipli, Puri, Odisha. Do you need or want a laptop (or a tablet or an iPad or a Kindle) or good quality books ? Hit me up.

I’m trying to reach out to the self-driven, curious students of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh and help them achieve their career goals. The idea is to empower our young folks to grow.

If you want me to help you with some (or a lot of) good quality books or gadgets, send me an email at I’ve stopped using other email accounts of mine.  Sorry for causing inconvenience.


1. Write four long paragraphs about yourself, your family, educational background, your native place and where you see yourself in December 2032. One discreet paragraph on why you think you’re a deserving student. I don’t open attachments, let alone read them. Please type everything in the body of the mail.

2. Write the email in whatever language you’re comfortable with. Dogri, Kashmiri, Bhadarwahi, Pahadi, Hindi, Urdu, Angrezi, Bodhi, Gojri, Spanish, etc. My girlfriend knows Spanish. She’ll be too happy to help.

3. The following details should not be lacking in the email:

  • Your first name (not surname);
  • Complete address with a landmark and the pin code;
  • Mobile number (not optional, ‘red’ flag);
  • Detailed booklist / name of the device you think you deserve;
  • Name of the examination you intend to take; and
  • Why you want me to help you.

4. Subject header of the email should look like this [Name of the student – Name of the place]. For example, [Bisma–Baramulla], [Sahil – Samba], [Leisa – Leh] and [Kamran – Kargil].

5. I’ll take around 15 days to deliver the device / books. And I’ll speak with you (not with your family members or guardians) before I send them. And if I don’t, you can re-send the original email. The original one; not a new one. While I speak with you, make sure your phone is on speaker mode. I’m an open book signed in Odia.

There’s absolutely no question of me sending books to a student without checking their work ethic and mettle. I’m willing to be judged. The only metric that matters to me is your work ethic and mettle. There is nothing I value more than a hardworking young person.

6. After completing the email, add 5 local idioms in your language and please explain them to someone who is not from your native place.


Do me a favour and don’t use artificial intelligence. I am old and wise enough to gauge your real intelligence. Chat GPT won’t help.

I don’t need to know your surname. Surnames are overrated. Like party-hopping politicians.

Your geographical boundaries are irrelevant to me, but my personal boundaries should be important to you. Restrain from playing “text – text” with me on any social platform, especially WhatsApp. That is exclusive for my girlfriend.

Send in original emails, written by you in your language. Don’t ask that smart friend of yours to do it for you. I read your emails carefully.

Once you receive your books, send in the confirmation code on my email. No pleasantries required.

No need to share your personal stories with me.

While you are staring at your screen, before pressing ‘send’ describe in one line why you trust this bald guy with your information. Because YouTube told my parents last week – maybe last month, I can’t be sure – that I had misbehaved with six and a half filthy rich guys in Gupkar. Fair, I reckon.